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Please fill out the form below to apply to be in HOMEBASE

— a diverse digital collective of TikTok-ers.

In a time where many feel at a standstill on being able to develop their personal brands, the team behind Q&A and Human Re Sources are excited to continue their mission of empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs in the digital space. We are excited to welcome you to HOMEBASE.

Who we are looking for:

  • All ages

  • All regions

  • All religions

  • All sexual orientations

Overall, we're looking for creatives who love music. If that's you, begin by:

Applications steps:

1. Fill out application in whole and submit before Thursday, September 10th, 2020.

2. Post on TikTok with #HOMEBASE with an answer to the question "define your hustle" - Can be answered in any creative way (drawing a picture, dance, etc.) - Submit before Thursday, September 10th.

3. Check your inbox Friday, September 11th for first round info. Our application process will consist of 3 rounds (Application, Interview, Challenge)


4. Our program will run from September 15th - October 8th virtually.

For questions, email

How old are you?

Thank you for your application!

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